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National Institutes of Health Improves Dietary Supplement Label Database

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) have revamped their Dietary Supplement Label Database (DSLD), which encapsulates current and historical information on the labels of dietary supplements marketed in the United States. to reflect the ever-changing market, ”said an NIH press release. Improvements have been made to modernize the site and make it easier for users to find and share information about dietary supplements.

The updated site includes a streamlined search engine with which users can more easily search for a product or brand name, ingredient name, diet claim, or other metrics. The site also contains links to government resources on dietary supplements. “Searching the database is now faster,” says the NIH. “The search interface has been streamlined to help users find the labels they need intuitively and efficiently, and the modernized search engine returns complex search results quickly. “

Search results can also be downloaded in three different formats (.CSV, .XLSL, JSON); Additionally, application developers and data scientists can access data through a public application program interface (API). The site also now operates on a modernized, cloud-based technology platform that will be scalable for future NIH needs.

“These upgrades mean that healthcare professionals, researchers, consumers and others will not only have an easier time finding what they are looking for, but they will find it in the formats they need, which is particularly important. important when trying to answer questions about dietary supplements and their ingredients, ”said Emily Conner, project manager for Abt Associates, the global research and consultancy firm that completed the NIH’s IT overhaul and modernization.

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