Forest Raga, maker of dietary supplements, helps people adopt healthy lifestyles

Organic products or products with minimal chemical concentration are used more by customers today. In recent times, consumers are relying on nature and regaining confidence in natural plants. With this notion, Forest Raga was founded to contribute to the best of human health and also to heal the planet.

“The basic idea behind this business is to connect forest farmers with consumers so that they both benefit. Our herbs are grown in the forest, which means there is minimal human intervention involved. From fertilizers to the cultivation process, all of our resources and methods are natural, ”explained Rohit Goel, co-founder of Forest Raga.

The company supports sustainable forest-based farming methods that help protect mother nature and also support farmers’ livelihoods.

Sharing her Tailsman

The company uses herbs that grow in the forest, which means there is minimal human intervention involved. From fertilizers to the cultivation process, their resources and methods are natural.

“We believe in Mother Nature and let her do all the work. The process results in herbs that are pure, powerful and extremely rich in nutrients, without any harm to the environment. Once collected, they are dried in the sun and in the shade and then crushed at a very low temperature to retain all the nutrients and essential oils, ”Goel said while explaining the manufacturing process.

The company said many competing brands are selling extracts and tinctures with high dosages of certain compounds, contrary to what the health industry says. In addition, he advocates Ayurveda which has documented the use of herbs for over 6,000 years. According to Ayurveda, all herbs should be used together, not forgetting a particular compound.

Therefore, the company claims that it does not extract or add compounds separately from the herb. He believes in no interference with natural formulas and only delivers pure to customers.

Marketing and retail strategy

The company is currently focusing on digital platforms and promoting its products online. He doesn’t plan to take his attention away from the digital realm as he strongly believes in the potential of social media.

“With the help of secure e-commerce platforms, we can deliver products to many parts of the country, even to remote locations. Digital transformation is helping us a lot to extend our reach to customers through a simple online platform, ”said Goel.

Recent digital development has dramatically improved the reach of the health and wellness industry.

Bet on sustainability

In the recent past, global warming and its consequences have made people aware of their practices which have given rise to many concepts, ideas and actions for the greater good of the environment. On top of that, the emergence of the pandemic has pushed the world’s population to make healthier lifestyle changes.

The company recognized that this awareness is strong, forcing people to seek sustainable solutions, thus starting to strengthen a sustainable ecosystem.

“We advocate a sustainable ecosystem and believe in working for a green future. This business is our contribution to help nature heal and provide our customers with the opportunity to be one with nature, ”said Goel.

Future plans

At present, the company offers twelve products in total which are grouped into superfood herbs and multi-herb products. These products are an aid in the treatment of specific ailments. In the future, he intends to add single herbs and disease-targeted multi-herb products to the offering.

The company plans to serve people with healthier solutions rather than invented products. It claims to work in the same direction and seeks to expand the catalog with everyday foods (fruits, vegetables, cereals, etc.) in the near future, products from the forest.

Founded in 2021, the company is in its infancy serving a multitude of consumers across the country. Over time, it will expand its reach in the dietary supplement industry.

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