BioHarvest Sciences Inc Explores The Science Behind How Its VINIA Dietary Supplement Has Anti-Aging Powers

The company said that VINIA’s ability to “increase the dilation of arteries and reduce constriction of blood vessels” enables it to fight the human aging process.

BioHarvest Sciences Inc () () (FRA: 8MV) has declared that VINIA, its functional food made from red blood cells, is the “only food supplement on the American market” which reduces the enzyme endothelin 1 (ET1) and increases the nitric oxide. (NO) molecules, in order to “increase the dilation of the arteries and thus improve blood circulation”.

The Vancouver-based company explained that the presence of ET1 constricts a blood vessel, while the presence of nitric oxide dilates it. Thanks to its “double-acting effect”, demonstrated by measurements of flow-mediated dilation in a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial and in an in vitro study, both of which have been published, VINIA is “ideally positioned to combat the aging process caused by reduced blood flow, ”the company noted.

As people get older, their bodies make more ET1 (a vasoconstrictor) and less nitric oxide (a vasodilator), which causes arteries and blood vessels to constrict and stiffen. This stiffening can reduce blood flow, which impacts the functioning of many organs in the body as it reduces the supply of oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood to the whole body and its tissues.

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According to BioHarvest, VINIA may therefore act as an “important anti-aging supplement”, in addition to providing other metabolic benefits. “Improved blood and oxygen supply benefits all organs and tissues in the body and contributes to overall health and well-being,” the company said.

“At BioHarvest, we are developing highly differentiated and clinically proven products to benefit health and wellness,” said Dr. Yochi Hagay, Chief Technical Officer of BioHarvest, in a statement.

“As an innovator in biotechnology, we carefully research molecules or compounds available in plants or fruits with the potential to have a functional and structural impact on the human body. We then not only apply our BioFarming technology to consistently produce such compounds, but we conduct clinical trials to prove their effectiveness before we bring them to market. We then make sure to make functional claims that are scientifically and clinically sound.

VINIA is an exclusive product of red grape cells containing the entire matrix of polyphenols contained in red grapes.

“We launched VINIA in the US in May 2021, but we have been monitoring all blood flow supplement products for many years,” said BioHarvest CEO Ilan Sobel. “From everything we have observed in the market, we are convinced that VINIA is the only dietary supplement in the United States that has a ‘double action’ effect on both ET1 and NO. “

VINIA is the first product in the world to contain Piceid Resveratrol from red grapes at levels in each capsule equivalent to the amount of Piceid Resveratrol in a bottle of red wine, bringing consumers the benefits of red wine with the “benefit of” zero calories. , zero sugar and zero percent alcohol.

“The composition of VINIA, with its Piceid Resveratrol made from red grapes in addition to an entire matrix of potent polyphenols, offers superior results which translate into very satisfied customers and a corresponding high retention rate,” said Sobel.

“Our superior product allows us to differentiate ourselves considerably and as such we expect to see the same level of enthusiasm for VINIA in the US market that we have experienced in Israel since the launch of VINIA in that market. in October 2020. “

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