Top Xbox 360 Action Games in 2008

Top Xbox 360 Action Games in 2008

There are lots of games to play games on Xbox 360. There is one outstanding game that manages to climb to the top of the chart in 2008 in terms of how many copies are sold. The game is Grand Theft Auto 5 which is developed by Rockstar Games. Grand Theft Auto game series becomes even more popular after it releases the third sequel titled GTA: San Andreas was released a few years ago. The GTA 5 is the Action Game of the Year.

Action games on Xbox 360 mostly involve a lot of beating and gun fights. Soul Calibur 5 is one of the action games that have become a favorite among action games fans. To play the game, you must now what you need to do at the right time. The game is based on Japanese fantasy heroes. Yoda is a bonus character that can be found in the game. Most probably the character Yoda has helped the game to reach the second spot in the game.

There are many open world games other than GTA 5 Online hack but these games never arrive at the same success as GTA. The game that ranks in the third position is Saint’s Row 2 that features Koop Mode.

Some players expect more from shooting games. You want to see a better story plot besides other features in the game. One game released in 2008 features a Viking called Heraus who has to fight a powerful force. The game title is Viking: Battle for Asgard. The game offers a lot of features such as sudden attacks, wars, and complicated missions. All these cool features are the reasons why it ranks on the third position in the Action Adventure category.

Mirror Edge is one of those games with minimal graphics, and involved lots of jumping and running. The game features the protagonist Faith and has a great storyline. Both of which have contributed to the popularity of the game. The high quality of the game has enabled it to win the second place in the Surprise of the Year category.

Dead Space video game has been named the scariest Action Adventure of the Year. It is the best horror game of its kind if you have watched the Event Horizon movie before. In Dead Space, you are equipped with a plasma cutter to fight against the tentacle aliens. Your mission is to find the Ishimura ship which has been lost. You are also on a mission to rescue your girlfriend. The game is approved by the German USK. Now, players in German can even use weapons to dismember enemies in the game.

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