Grand Theft Auto – The Most Favorite Video Game of Players at All Time

Grand Theft Auto – The Most Favorite Video Game of Players at All Time

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most favorite video game of all time and Liberty City should be included on the map. Many people like to play Liberty City including the fans and those who only play the game once in a while.

I have read all the online reviews and I can tell you that I have not encounter any negative review. There are many sites that only deals about GTA 5 so it is easy to find information if you do research online. You will be able to find sites that provide walk through for the game if you get stuck in the game and don’t know how you could progress. GTA 5 is one of the number one video games in the marketplace so you can expect that it will give you hours of fun. The in game city has a real 3D look and as you go through the city, you will encounter scenarios such as police chasing cars, people colliding into other cars and etc. They make every back road and high rise building different. Throughout the virtual city, you will see hilarious billboards. There are many forums where fans share their experience and discuss the special things that they discover while playing GTA 5 such as vehicles and buildings. You can illegally seize a vehicle such as a bus or truck. There are also plenty of other illegal stuffs that you can carry out in GTA 5.

You will enjoy every moment of playing the GTA 5 cheats online no matter if you reference a walk through. It has an easy gameplay and the game loads fast. You will soon find yourself getting used to the game if you previously have played the GTA 5 PC game before. There are many other platforms where you can play the game. Rockstar has made a big achievement when they come up with the San Andreas version and fans are now looking forward to the new version. Many players are so excited that they couldn’t sleep and they stay up all night to queue up at the local game store to buy the game. I have a few friends who were among the first to get a copy of the game and they spend many days to play the game.

You have the option of playing by missions or free roam around the city in your vehicle. If you want to play by missions, you should talk to many different characters in the game as they have skills that can help you. Players can now use cell phone and internet to contact the superior. Your superior will also call you on the phone too. The game has integrated many things in real life and it is having a positive impact. There are also plenty of other potentials for the game. Many technology and school items are now included in the game.

Top Xbox 360 Action Games in 2008

Top Xbox 360 Action Games in 2008

There are lots of games to play games on Xbox 360. There is one outstanding game that manages to climb to the top of the chart in 2008 in terms of how many copies are sold. The game is Grand Theft Auto 5 which is developed by Rockstar Games. Grand Theft Auto game series becomes even more popular after it releases the third sequel titled GTA: San Andreas was released a few years ago. The GTA 5 is the Action Game of the Year.

Action games on Xbox 360 mostly involve a lot of beating and gun fights. Soul Calibur 5 is one of the action games that have become a favorite among action games fans. To play the game, you must now what you need to do at the right time. The game is based on Japanese fantasy heroes. Yoda is a bonus character that can be found in the game. Most probably the character Yoda has helped the game to reach the second spot in the game.

There are many open world games other than GTA 5 Online hack but these games never arrive at the same success as GTA. The game that ranks in the third position is Saint’s Row 2 that features Koop Mode.

Some players expect more from shooting games. You want to see a better story plot besides other features in the game. One game released in 2008 features a Viking called Heraus who has to fight a powerful force. The game title is Viking: Battle for Asgard. The game offers a lot of features such as sudden attacks, wars, and complicated missions. All these cool features are the reasons why it ranks on the third position in the Action Adventure category.

Mirror Edge is one of those games with minimal graphics, and involved lots of jumping and running. The game features the protagonist Faith and has a great storyline. Both of which have contributed to the popularity of the game. The high quality of the game has enabled it to win the second place in the Surprise of the Year category.

Dead Space video game has been named the scariest Action Adventure of the Year. It is the best horror game of its kind if you have watched the Event Horizon movie before. In Dead Space, you are equipped with a plasma cutter to fight against the tentacle aliens. Your mission is to find the Ishimura ship which has been lost. You are also on a mission to rescue your girlfriend. The game is approved by the German USK. Now, players in German can even use weapons to dismember enemies in the game.

Top 5 PS3 Video Games that You Can Play for Fun

Top 5 PS3 Video Games that You Can Play for Fun


  1. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto, even though it has a fantastic storyline, can be the best game you’ve ever play. I spent a lot of time playing Grand Theft Auto after watching my brothers obtaining a lot of stars without the help of cheat code prior to getting arrested by the authorities. Although the video game is violent, it is also give the players fun at the same time.


Interesting fact: Grand Theft Auto is originally produced in the UK contrary to what most people assumed that it is produced by a USA based game company.


  1. Burnout Paradise

It is fun to be able to steal cars and speed on the highway. The game is not just for advanced players but also for newbies. You may find <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>GTA 5 hack tool</a> fun if you need something easier than Gran Turismo to play.  The game does not provide realistic driving experience. However, it does gives you the opportunity to drive high profile cars and speed around the city. It is a thrilling game that will give you a memorable gameplay experience.


  1. Starhawk

In my opinion, Starhawk is not so fun to play as Warhawk. Both Starhawk and Warhawk are games which have been under appreciate on PlayStation 3. I used to play the game a lot when I am a kid. There are a lot of choices of vehicles to choose from in both games.

  1. Infamous 2

Infamous 2 is a video game that is quickly gaining popularity. The game reminds the wild imagination I used to have when playing games. In the game, you can shoot lightning from your hands and hunt down the crooks. The game has special graphics effect when you use a weapon to fight the enemies. Although the graphic effect is not real, I find the game fun to play and easily become addicted to it.


  1. Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 is a game where you can hop down from an airplane and grab hold onto the helicopter. It has a large map and offers a lot of gameplay options. It may not offer as much challenges as you expect but it has a nice storyline. In the game, you can bomb stuff, and drive different types of vehicles. You will find yourself a child again when you play the game.


The games mentioned above are those games that I have enjoyed playing in my childhood. Whenever I am tired and boring, I will always turn to these games to have some fun. What about you?

Best 5 Video Games Enjoyed by Everyone

Best 5 Video Games Enjoyed by Everyone

Have you ever thought about what it is like to live the life of a criminal and carry out large heists without behind scene? The latest sequel for the Grand Theft Auto titled The Ballad of Gay Tony allows you to do this. Gta 5 Generator is a famous third person shooter game that sets in Liberty City which is a virtual city modeled after New York City. There are other versions of GTA game that feature alternative cities such as Vice City as in real life Miami and San Andreas which is Los Angeles in real life. In GTA 5, you will play as a criminal and undertake missions where you work for different bosses in the city. There are a number of missions where you are asks to steal expensive cars. You will also encounter missions in which you are asks to kill someone that has offended the boss that you are working for. GTA San Andreas features Carl Johnson becoming a member of the Grove Street gang who later get involved in fighting with other gangsters like Ballas. In the past, Carl Johnson has worked for many crime bosses including El Salvador, and Doctor Rosenburg. He also used to work for Mike Torreno who is a dishonest agent that works for the government. Many new GTA games feature side missions that let you do more things such as drawing graffiti on the wall, be involved in a relationship with many women (for instance, in CJ, you are allowed to have relationships with up to 6 women) and you can also undertake missions to smuggle items (carrying heavy illegal items to Las Venturas and taking care to avoid getting caught by the cops in San Andreas at the same time). If you want more fun, you can carry out a rampage and steal cars, shoot people, unlock stars, make the police chase after you, drive the car wildly on the road as you like and all these can increase the chance of getting you killed in the game. You can always respawn at a hospital or police station in the event that you die in the game. After you have respawn, you can take on another rampage. P.S. this is just a game and you should never attempt it in real life. There are many games that are like GTA 5 such as Saints Row, Gun and Bully.

The following are some of the activities you can carry out in GTA but not in real life:
• You can drive car that you have hijacked and easily get away unless a police is there. If a police is nearby, he will try to chase after you when he sees you hijacking the car.
• If you get arrested by the cops, your weapons and some of your money will be confiscated. And then, you will be released even if you have done a terrible crime. After you are released, you can get involved in more crimes and get the same results as you want. If you do this in real life, you will be put in jail or given an even worst sentence.
• You can respawn and get to play the game from where you left off if you die in the game.
• GTA San Andreas allows you to have up to 6 girlfriends. In real life, having multiple girlfriends can land you in a lot of troubles as they can get jealous. This is the perfect example of what happens to Scott as seen in the third season of Keep Up with the Kardashians series. Kourtney finds out that Scott was cheating but they reconcile again if you watch season 5.

more about the GTA sequels,

GTA 5 is not easy to play and you might want to use cheats to unlock different stuff in the game. If you meet an obstacle and find it hard to overcome it, you can use cheats. The GTA 5 cheats code is the solution if you are stuck in the game.

I have discovered something interesting and that is Roman who is the cousin of the player is the founder of a taxi company. If you contact Roman, you can call a taxi for free of charge.

As you can see, there are a lot of potentials in the game and you will be able to discover all of them by reading the walkthrough guide. It just takes some time to reading the entire walkthrough and you can become a skilled player for the game in time. One benefit of playing GTA 5 is that it trains your problem solving skills as you complete the missions. This makes the game suitable for playing for both young children and teenagers who are looking for ways to increase their skills.

You can play the game on a PC if you want. Most people would prefer to play the GTA 5 game on a PlayStation 3. The multiplayer mode in GTA 5 allows you to team up with your friends or play against your friend.

If you want to learn more about the GTA sequels, you should come back to read our blog posts and we will also provide free cheat codes that you can use to make the game more fun.

Don’t hesitate and start playing this amazing game.